Shipping Schedule 

The Shipping Schedule for each months box is below!

June- Herbology & Runes
August - Transfiguration, Apparition & Flying
October - Care of Magical Creatures & Arithmancy 
December - Charms & Non-Magical Studies
February - Potions & Astronomy 
April - Divinations & History of Magic
June - Defense Against the Dark Arts & Alchemy 




The Wizarding Trunk will be shipping Bi-Monthly, the boxes will ship between the 10th and 15th of each of the shipping months! We will be offering international shipping (Which will take a bit longer and cost a bit more). If for any reason your box is returned to us we will reship it at the cost of the buyer, and if  your owl for some reason changes you more at customs, that is out of our control. Please keep in mind that The Wizarding Trunk is not responsible for Lost or Stolen parcels, and that when items are shipped over seas there is a higher chance that they may be received damaged.