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Headmaster's Box (Special Edition)
$ 55.00

This box will be themed around The Headmaster's of the series! While this box will pay tribute to all of the Headmaster's (However brife their stay was) it will be heavily themed around everyone's favorite Headmaster! This box will include 8 to 10 items! And remember...  Happineness can be found in the darkerest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light!

Owl Post

Our boxes ships Bi-Monthly on even months from the US! Check our shipping schedule to see what box is shipping next!

Magical Makers

We love working with other small businesses that produce magical items! If you believe you have a magical item that would be a good fit for our boxes, We would love to hear from you! 

(Click Magical Makers link Below!)

What Magic Should You Expect in Each Box?

In each box you can expect between eight and ten magical items. These items will  be made either in house or by other businesses that have the same love for the magical world that we do! Our boxes do include some handmade items form other small businesses as well! 

Want Just One?

If you want to give The Wizarding Trunk a try, or simply like the theme we have one month. You are able to subscribe and cancel before you are billed again! As long as you cancel before your re-billing date you will not have to worry about being recharged!